This is really inappropriate.

In today's column James Lileks examines one of the handouts from the Minneapolis Early Childhood Family Education program to see how the school system is directing the parental units in the area to brainwash their children--and I am not exaggerating.
What if your child asks this: What about bad people who try to hurt us, like Saddam Hussein? The answer to this question will vary according to the age of your child. Young children need lots of reassurance. Tell them that Mom and Dad will always protect them and when they are in school, their teachers and principal will do everything possible to keep them safe from any threat. Then, tell them about the United Nations, and stress that the UN was formed to help the countries of the world live together in peace. Let them know that the United Nations is working on exactly that right now. Also tell them about the World Court and how this was set up to bring bad people to justice.
Holy crap. They're right, young children need a lot of reassurance, but nebulous concepts like the UN and the World Court aren't going to do it. Personally I was reassured by the fact that my father owned several guns and my absolute confidence that he wouldn't hesitate for a nanosecond to use them in my defense. I feel sorry for any kids whose parents actually think this is going to make them feel better.

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