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Heart of Glass

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
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Everyone's crazy but me and thee...

...and sometimes I have my doubts about you.

James Bowman on the quadriennial entertainment of the LaRouche campaign, and why it's not substantively different from the campaigns for people we don't necessarily think of as having lost their minds.


Why I hate the Oscars.

Sean Penn? Sean freakin' Penn gets best actor for that one-each by-the-numbers pot boiler? Worse, Tim Robbins collects yet another undeserved award for his tics and grimaces. Charlize Theron's best actress role: lesbian, check. Serial killer, check. Uglied up for the role, checkcheckcheck. Guaranteed Oscar bait. And finally, the "we realize we fucked up two years running so here's every Oscar you've been nominated for this year, no matter how undeserving the film in question may have actually been" series of make-up Oscars for Return of the King. (For my money, the most egregious of these was the soundtrack award to Howard Shore.)

I regret it every damn time I break my standing rule not to watch this massive waste of time.