Hey, ARod.

Smooth move. No one will ever notice you swiping at Arroyo's arm while you're wearing those giant white Mickey Mouse gloves. Criminy.


God bless David Hasselhoff.

He just killed off rap, nearly single-handed*:
HASSELHOFF TURNS TO RAP Former BAYWATCH hunk-turned-London theatre star DAVID HASSELHOFF is turning his attentions to rap music in a bid to become a chart sensation. The actor, who is a pop superstar in Germany and Switzerland, has teamed up with rapper ICE-T in a bid to become an international music star. Ice-T says, "We are going to show a new side of him. The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills."
"The Hoff". "Rap skills." Consider that shark jumped.

* Link not guaranteed against linkrot. Item found under "Music News" by Angela, who graciously shared.