Time Warner is run by cocksuckers.

Just thought I'd mention it.

To clarify: I'm talking specifically about the cable service. But that assessment is probably good through the top levels.


Take one week of vacation and all hell breaks loose.

More like ten days, really, but that was definitely the wrong week to be out of the loop. While I was developing a nasty allergic reaction to something in the North Carolina air, Dan Rather and CBS spent most of last week building a bonfire out of what was left of their "Tiffany Network" credentials over a group of obviously faked memos from the 70s purporting to cast doubts on Bush's Air National Guard service.* I knew Gunga Dan was a bear of very little brain, but holy crow, what an idiot. The sheer wanton hubris of thinking his reportage is beyond fact-checking by the masses (congratulations to the Freepers and Powerline blog for starting the dogpile) is breathtaking enough; the idiotic defense he subsequently mounted earns him a one-way ticket to Palookaville. I'm only sorry there's no way to tie Walter Cronkite around his neck and cast them both into whatever concentric circle of hell is reserved for abusers of the public trust.

*I gathered most of my own info regarding memogate via Ace of Spades and Allah, who covered everything exhaustively. It would be pointless for me to reproduce their work, so go thou and do likewise.