Town Hall debate, cont'd.

How dare John Kerry bring up intelligence when he can't be bothered to attend the meetings on the Senate intelligence committee, which is his ostensible job?

Town Hall debate.

Bush is finally making the points I've been waiting for him to make, to wit, the WOT can't be limited to the pursuit of bin Laden, and that standing on principle is more important than international popularity.

As for Kerry: if you mean France, say France.


Veep debate, concluded.

It takes brass balls the size of Wisconsin for a lowlife trial lawyer who made his fortune driving up medical costs by channeling dead babies to keep hammering the high costs of medical care as a main theme of his campaign.

Veep debate, cont'd.

Note to Kedwards: trying to use the flipflop meme on the current administration is a non-starter. It just reminds people that you're the poster boys for inconsistency. "I know you are but what am I" is not an effective debate technique.

Veep debate, cont'd.

Edwards blew the AIDS question, going to the "for the children" card out of sequence. Unless there's some epidemic of child-AIDS in this country that I'm completely unaware of.

Veep debate, cont'.

Cheney just basically called Kedwards a pair of vote whores. It's like watching Mr. Wilson pimpslap Dennis the Menace.

Veep debate.

John Edwards is doing the Bill Clinton Thumb. That alone is reason to shun him, the dishonest bastard trial lawyer son of a bitch.