Envy me again.

Bubba Ho-Tep comes to Dayton.
Shake your groove thang.

Hilarious AICN spoiler-riddled review of 'street dance' movie "You Got Served" here. (Again, though, it's hard to spoilerize a film when you can smell the stench coming off the premise months in advance.)
More fun than a barrel of Gaugins.

Mr. Picassohead. View my artistic genius here.

(via Midwest Conservative Journal.)


New debit card.

My credit union just replaced my old debit card, which expires this month, and I noticed that the card art, which used to feature a closeup of a pile of money bathed in a warm, golden light, has been replaced with a picture of a carefully selected group of people unknown to me. By the lack of uniforms and the age and ethnicity groupings (African-American couple in their 20s, white couple that could be anywhere north of 60, and white middle-aged family grouping with token adolescent female sprog) I would say this group is intended to represent me, the customer. Unfortunately I, the customer, would prefer to be represented by a glamorously lit pile of anonymous coin and paper, since I don't particularly care for pictures of people I don't actually know. (I am also mystified by the ubiquity of the anyonymous "hunk" calendar. Actors, ballplayers, singers--fine. At least I can be sure they can speak or sing or run or do something other than pout suggestively while flexing their rock-hard abs.) So much for aesthetics.


Re the Superbowl flashing incident.

1) Is "I'll get you naked by the end of this song" an appropriate sentiment for the Superbowl? If yes, defend your answer.

2) That sun thing looks damned uncomfortable.

3) Suggestion: bring back the marching bands with the half-time salute to the history of mayonnaise. Seriously.


Like to take her ticket and punch it for her.

Gwyneth Paltrow, having recently declaimed that she couldn't possibly entertain the thought of raising her children in a dangerous country like America, now asserts that England's hospitals aren't good enough for her to give birth to the little darlings--and nothing will do but that she must have them in LA, on Madonna's advice. Way to win friends and influence people in both countries.