More eye candy.

Download the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer here.


Eye candy.

Download the Troy teaser trailer here.


Look how they messed with my boy.

From IMDB:
After 18 actors working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy threatened to write an open letter to Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons complaining about the small size of their bonus payments, New Line Cinema agreed to create a "bonus pool," negotiated by "one of the actors everybody trusted," the London Daily Telegraph reported today (Tuesday). However, although a measure of peace has been restored between the actors and the studio, the group is nevertheless demanding an audit of the films' accounts, the newspaper said. The Telegraph observed that producers were originally able to negotiate low-paying deals with several actors (it specifically named Orlando Bloom, who plays the elf Legolas) because they were struggling unknowns at the time.


Panties all in a bunch.

My lands, pass the salts. People are evidently delinking Lileks because he dast use the "f" word a few days ago. And the man has actually apologized for using it, despite the fact that he gave ample notice of his use of harsh invective at the head of the column. That's a gracious human being (and a fine writer). I'm pleased to note he doesn't apologize for his honest opinion of Salam Pax; he only apologizes for his language.

Btw, the idea of sending someone a letter with notice of intent to delink is hilariously adolescent. You said something I don't like; now we're not friends anymore and I don't want to hear from you ever. Pardon me while I shrug.


Warning you now.

Put whatever you're drinking down before you read this.