The Year of the Puppet.

Triumph interviewed in the NY Times:
With your Catskills-style schtick and your Russian-accented English, I must ask: Are you Jewish?

Like Madonna, I'll become Jewish when I need the publicity.
Oh, yes.

[Via Tim Blair, who got it from Jim Treacher.]

Suspicions of gross sentimentality confirmed.

James Bowman analyzes the political agenda behind Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby, and the basis for denial of said agenda by both Eastwood and the critics at large. (With bonus Arthur Miller content, in conjunction with the previous post.)

I don't want to see Clint on-screen anymore unless he's shooting people. Preferably without the weepy self-torment.

De mortuis.

Terry Teachout views the work of the late Arthur Miller with a gimlet eye. (May require registration, but it's free.)

2/17 update: So does Mark Steyn.


Three cheers and a tiger.

I noticed yesterday Mark Steyn's website is being updated again.