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James Lileks is irked [scroll down to "Finally"] by Salam Pax' tone of sneering condescension in his open letter to Bush in the Guardian. There's been some righteous indignation following the publication of the letter and much linkage of Lileks' enjoyable mini-screed, usually prefaced by the phrase "I never liked Salam Pax". My lone comment: what did you expect, exactly? Reading his blog ("dearRaed"--no, I'm not linking to it, because I think he's a pissant) during the war I garnered the distinct impression he was personally pretty well insulated against his government, and therefore in all likelihood at least slightly connected to the Ba'ath party. Is it any real surprise he wouldn't be overjoyed by the overthrow of a regime from whose murderous policies he was apparently benefitting? And was anybody but the anti-war crowd taking him seriously prior to the publication of this letter? Because I'm getting a distinctly hurt tone out of the warblogger commentary on the issue, and I'm at a loss to figure out why.

If you're planning a trip to Vegas, hear me now and believe me later: do not--I repeat, do not--book your hotel through LasVegas.com. Due to their dysfunctional relationship with the Hilton (and, one suspects after several lengthy chats with their staff, with every other hotel on the strip), they are evidently unable to process a refund in less than 3 months, and the convolutions hinted at in the description of why they are unable to process the refund in a reasonable length of time make one wonder if they can possibly remain solvent for much longer. In other words, the people at this company could fuck up a two-car funeral. Avoid them at all costs. (And no, I wouldn't trust them to book a show, either.)

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Yeah, baby.

You're Rummy!
You're the warlike Rumsfeld! So simple, so
subtle, so darned...cute. God bless you, Donny!

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Keith Richards, arch-conservative.

Or at the least, aging gracefully. Unlike Mick.
Two Towers extended.

Nearly all is forgiven. Huorns! Denethor! Ent draught! In other words, I'm now prepared to concede that Jackson might actually know what he's doing, and if there's an extended version of the third film, Saruman will probably show up in his proper place.

My boss just thinks I'm nuts.


O brave dissent.

"W. is a doodyhead."

Interesting that the author, whose grasp of fact can charitably be described as tenuous, wasn't proud enough of the screed to attach his or her name. And this passes for journalism.

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Newsflash: Americans go back to being rude to one another.

Jack Thomas at the Boston Globe notes that post-911 America has returned to the norm: rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. I have only two comments:

1) I'm not sure we're ruder than ever, but I do think we lack enforceable standards of public behavior.

2) Mr. Thomas blames the Baby Boomers. I tend to agree, but I also tend to treat the Boomers like France, generationally speaking, so my personal opinion is suspect.

Article bonus feature: a pointer to Etiquette Hell.com. Check out the Bridesmaid Dress Incinerator. (That should make Bern and Paula both feel better.)