Wrong, wrong, WRONG.

What the hell is going on with the weather? In Springfield, Ohio, on January third, it should not be in the fifties. There shouldn't have been a thunderstorm two nights ago, replete with lightning. I should be ass-deep in snow by now, perhaps with a scrim of ice on top and underneath, just to make the driving extra treacherous. As I discussed with Angela, if this keeps up much longer we're going to have a false Spring, wicked freeze, crappy real Spring, and mosquitos the size of bats all next year. Gad. Somebody fix this, please.


Another genuine faux controversy.

In a frankly embarrassing attempt to garner Dixie Chick-esque notoriety and boost sales, Willie Nelson has penned an anti-war song to be debuted at a Dennis Kucinich rally--yes, I know, in the words of Iago the parrot, I too could have a heart attack and die from not surprised. In further shocking news, he persists in thinking it's all about the oil:
There's so many things going on in the world
Babies dying
Mothers crying
How much oil is one human life worth
And what ever happened to peace on earth
Not that anyone was weeping before we invaded Iraq, of course. No children's prisons, no mass graves. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving, it's all about the oil, vote Kucinich.

Oh, and the rest of the lyrics suck too.

[Thanks to Angela for the link.]
Holiday wrap-up.

Finished Lord of the Rings right before Christmas, and was somewhat surprised to find that most of the things I thought Jackson got wrong to some degree were actually pretty much spot-on. I've seen it 4 times now, and can readily identify the bits I know are going to be added on the extended edition, so I'm wondering if I should even bother with the theatrical release of this one (I do have the other two, and I hate a partial set.)

Saw Peter Pan Wednesday and felt...I don't know...rewarded by the whole experience, I guess. I had reservations--general dislike of child actors, lukewarm memories of the Mary Martin live action version from the sixties (a grown woman cannot pass for a pre-teen boy, I don't care if she's Sarah freakin' Bernhardt, that just gives the whole story a very weird vibe), and the Disney cartoon made Neverland look too appealing, without any hint of real danger (why do you think Michael Jackson named his Freak Farm after it?). So I wasn't sure what I was going to get, aside from possible kick-butt eye candy in the fx department.

There was eye candy, but more importantly, this version strips off some of the mawkish sentiment that makes the Martin version so unwatchable (some, not all), and adds some very dark undertones. Hook is geniunely menacing, for a change (Jason Isaacs is an utterly ruthless pirate.) Peter is not altogether likeable, as he shouldn't be, and completely self-centered. There's been a buzz in some quarters about inappropriate sexual tension between Peter and Wendy, but that's essentially the main theme of the story as originally written. I thought it was both tasteful and evocative. Basically the movie is screwed by timing--coming out anywhere near a boxoffice behemoth like ROTK means it's going to be seen by a far smaller audience than it deserves, and it's a pity.


Tim Blair recaps the year in quotes.

The hilarity starts here.

And reminds me how much I miss Juan Gato in the process.
TB: Which are you more likely to violate: the Third Law of Thermodynamics, or the Mann Act?

JG: I'm pretty sure it'd be Third Law of Thermodynamics. Too bad it wasn't which I'd prefer to violate. No, that'd probably still be the Third Law. Once I break free of that bastard, there'll be no stopping me.