Just a thought.

The current anti-tobacco PSAs that feature various obnoxious teenagers with enunciation problems make me want to smoke. Desperately.



On the recommendation of a friend (Rick), I checked out Tough Crowd on Comedy Central.

Holy mother of God, these people are politically retarded.

Now, I knew going in that I was going to be dealing with political opinions from comedians, but damn--out of 4 guests and a host, did they ALL have to be raving leftists? Couldn't we have one token conservative guy, maybe Dennis Miller? One guy (Jake Johannsen) actually complained about the T-ball league Bush has play on the lawn at the white house, saying he ought to be spending the time he spent on the T-ball game tending to the economy (and apparently all his other waking moments as well.) And yet, it was just jim dandy for Clinton to waste his time banging interns in the Oval Office, apparently. The token chick (Judy Gold) was an embarrassment; her main complaint seemed to be that we shouldn't have invaded Iraq unless we were prepared to invade every other dictatorship on earth, and that we just invaded Iraq for--you guessed it--OIIIIIIIILLLLL. I don't have the time to waste on this crap. I could be reading Flashman and the Mountain of Light in my quest to avoid my copy of the new Harry Potter.

Verdict: pollice verso.
Shame on you, Jon Stewart.

Watching what I can only assume is a re-run of the Daily Show, possibly from last night, possibly earlier, on Comedy Central, and he's reporting on the extension of child tax credits to families making less than $24,000 a year--and he doesn't mention that these people don't pay income tax in the first damn place. Ain't partisanship grand?