Britain: A Nation of Fraidy Cats.

According to a Telegraph survey, a sizable chunkage of Britons think the US is less safe than Egypt, Israel, or South Africa:
One in three of YouGov's respondents regards America as one of the world's three "least safe" countries – more than think the same of Israel, Egypt or South Africa.
In fact, the US is ranked *dead last*; 37% of these nimrods think the US is the least safe, vice 19% for friggin' Russia. Possible reasons for thinking so:
1) 37% of respondents on crack.
2) 37% of respondents have never been to any foreign country; believe "Homicide" a reality show.
3) 37% of respondents burglars who resent the fact that it's still legal to shoot people who invade your home over here.
Moreover, while 19 per cent reckon the US is one of the countries "most deserving of international respect", a considerably larger proportion, 25 per cent, reckon that under this heading it is one of the world's "least deserving" countries.
And if I cared that might hurt.

But the US didn't fare as badly overall as Israel:

The violence and Israel's continuing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza appear to have done immense damage to its standing. Israel comes top of the list of countries where people would least like to live and would least like to take a holiday.

It is also the country thought least deserving of international respect. Despite being the only fully democratic state in the Middle East, it is also thought to be among the world's "least democratic countries".

Which just kinda tells me the respondents may be working with, shall we say, a flawed definition of democracy.