This is why I hate the NY press coverage of the Mets.

Joel Sherman, covering Piazza's return to the lineup from the DL last night (where Piazza was 3 for 5 with 5 RBI in their 9-2 stomping of the Giants):
"I don't want Steve Trachsel or Al [Leiter] to suffer for my learning on the job," Piazza said in explaining why he is not playing first. Of course, Piazza never offered the same concerns about them suffering due to his clumsy receiving and woeful throwing as a catcher. It is just another lame excuse to avoid what should really be done. The Mets are only playing for the future now, and Piazza should be playing first base every other day to provide his organization clues about how to construct future rosters.
Yeah, his catching skills are so clumsy Trachsel allowed one damn run and four hits in seven innings. I absolutely despise the way Sherman and Klapieceofshit and a number of other press pinheads in New York have taken the bit in their teeth about moving Piazza to first and will not relent, even when his performance proves them wrong.
Enterprise redux.

Evidently Greg took offense to my dismissal of Rick Berman's latest Star Trektm brand schlock, "Enterprise". [See 8/6 post "Enterprise", below.]
I'm tired of hearing people whine about Enterprise. People criticize it without watching it. You say, "Yeah, I've watched it." No, you haven't. You looked at it but you didn't watch it.
I viewed an episode. I wasn't aware that I had to commit to a full season before uttering a word of criticism.
And again, why can't people say "I don't like it." instead of "It sucks."?
In my case, because I was disappointed by its lameness, and in my judgment, it sucked.
It's more true to the orignal series than any of the others. Space exploration without much support from home. No holodeck. No transporter to get them out of every little jam. And no reconfiguring the sensor array to emit a tachyon pulse every time something gets in their way. Archer is a "down to earth" (pardon the expression) Captain. He's not a tea-sipping Shakespeare quoter like Picard, a messiah wannabe like Sisco, or an "I've been a science offcier so I can solve any problem on my own, why do I need the rest of you" bore like Janeway. There are some bad shows out there, people. Some bad, bad, bad TV goin on. This ain't part of it. You know what "sucks"? Stargate SG-1. Don't have even see the eye makeup wearing black guy to know its faggot food.
That's damning with faint praise, if the best you can say about "Enterprise" is that it's better than all other other horrifyingly bad series Berman's produced. Whether it's "faggot food" or not never crossed my mind.
Chicago sucks. Hate the town, hate the cast, hate musicals. Never saw it. Never gonna. Also faggot food.
The fact that you're closed-minded about musicals as a genre, in combination with the fact that you haven't actually seen it, pretty much renders your judgment on whether Chicago sucks or not moot. That's like someone who hates westerns passing judgment on The Searchers (or Bob Klapieceofshit passing judgment on the Mets. But I digress.) I've watched Star Trek literally since infancy, and this show, in my estimation, was as painfully pointless and derivative as TNG. I concede it's possible I saw the worst single episode of the show, but it sure as hell didn't make me want to see any more.

Btw, my father, not exactly a faggot, enjoyed Chicago immensely.
The West Wing sucks. Painfully obvious liberal platform and cast. Where's Squeaky Fromm and John Hinkley when you need em?
Well, yes, "West Wing" does suck.
And I'm tired of people complaining about the theme song to Enterprise. Sorry you don't got a new blaring orchestra piece to add to your dusty John Williams collection. Grow up, stand up and walk out of the comic book shop and into the sunlight.
What the hell? I'll put my musical tastes up against yours any day of the week. Nor do I frequent comic book shops, not that it would be relevant if I did.
It was a Rod Stewart song. If you actually listened to it, and I know not one of you did, it fits the Star Trek ideal completely. If you don't like Rod Stewart, too bad. He didn't sing it for the series, Russel Watson did. It's the most innovative, appropriate opening I've seen for a series in a long time and it's wasted on you closed-minded, unimaginative people as is the show.
I don't care who sang it, nor do I care about its pedigree. I physically cringed when I heard it, and that's where I draw the line. If Celine Dion suits your ideal of Star Trek, fine, but it doesn't suit mine.


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Surprised the hell out of me, too.
Happy birthday to me.

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