New debit card.

My credit union just replaced my old debit card, which expires this month, and I noticed that the card art, which used to feature a closeup of a pile of money bathed in a warm, golden light, has been replaced with a picture of a carefully selected group of people unknown to me. By the lack of uniforms and the age and ethnicity groupings (African-American couple in their 20s, white couple that could be anywhere north of 60, and white middle-aged family grouping with token adolescent female sprog) I would say this group is intended to represent me, the customer. Unfortunately I, the customer, would prefer to be represented by a glamorously lit pile of anonymous coin and paper, since I don't particularly care for pictures of people I don't actually know. (I am also mystified by the ubiquity of the anyonymous "hunk" calendar. Actors, ballplayers, singers--fine. At least I can be sure they can speak or sing or run or do something other than pout suggestively while flexing their rock-hard abs.) So much for aesthetics.

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