Leftover blather.

Was going to blog this bit of flotsam from the Mirror [link via the Opinion Journal] yesterday but ran out of time (and forgot to take my laptop home.) No real need to comment on any of it; the first part is Peter Gabriel running down the anti-war checklist--"It's all about the ooooiiiiilllll, what about North Korea and China," blah blah blah, and then this gem:
"I'd like to see a reinforced UN weapons inspection team in Iraq and disarmament much more in line with the French and German proposals."
Reinforced with what? Just what do you imagine is keeping Saddam Hussein from booting Hans Blix and his merry band out of the country? The threat of a really severe chat from the UN?

The second part is some really breathtaking hubris from Bono, who apparently was just made an honorary Frenchman and decided to celebrate by taking a hilariously off-center swipe at the US:
"I think America has no experience with terrorism or even with war.

"In Europe, we know a little bit more about these things."
Um...yeah. He's right, though. America has absolutely no experience with rolling over for terrorists. As for that war thing, it's lucky for us the Europeans--particularly the French--were there to pull our asses out of the fire again and again last century.


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