Poleaxed by reality, ctd.
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Telegraph UK link below via LGF, via Russell Wardlow, who is persuaded that the shields are dupes rather than traitors:
As, for the "traitor" talk, since these people have now left before the actual beginning of hostilities, I am persuaded to now think they're merely idiots, dupes and moral cretins, but [not] traitors. I certainly would want them to be shunned and hissed at wherever they go, but not to be tried for treason and executed. I wouldn't share a drink with them, but nor would I now applaud them being lined up against a bullet-riddled wall.
I don't think changing their minds warrants a recasting of their intent; sometimes you have to be held accountable for your actions. By all means, put them on public trial and let them be internationally humiliated not only as traitors, but as cowards. I'm not advocating a firing squad, but I am advocating the equivalent of putting a note in their permanent record that marks them as traitorous, backstabbing ninnies, none of whom should ever be allowed to hold a position of public trust.

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