CBS hires Clinton for $1M price tag

Fresh from Drudge (no permalink yet):
CBS NEWS plans to revive commentary segment 'Point/Counterpoint' on 60 MINUTES -- With Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, beginning this Sunday night, newsroom sources say... Clinton has signed for 10 weeks in a deal reportedly worth $1 million... Spot will be 45 seconds a week, about 90 words; $100,000 for each commentary, and over $1000 for each word...
There's some must-avoid tv. The last thing I need to see while there's the serious business of a war going on is that feckless, reckless, irresponsible and now irrevelevant asshole explaining why it was absolutely necessary that he practice his violin while the empire was burning down and getting paid $1000 a word to do it. [Initial alert via The Corner]

Update already: CBS files the story under entertainment.

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