Weekend recap – part xi.

Emily Jones at Give War a Chance posted a short "hear, hear" rant about commercials being shown in theaters before the previews and another even better one about why she doesn't watch the Oscars:
This is one of the reasons I refuse to watch the Oscars. Not just because they're a bogus endgame to a long session of ass-kissing, "networking", general suck-uppery, and flat out bribery, but also because every year at least one feckless movie star tells me, the Great Unwashed and Ign'ant Inferiorious, that I should care about AIDS, people in Tibet, or that my cheeseburger used to have eyes. I fear it will be even worse than before this year. It is inevitable that the ceremony will be plagued by the usual intellectually-stunted retards who believe that lip service and ribbons on lapels equal a productive force for change, and I'm not going to be a party to that. Maybe those who are will get lucky and the producers will pull the plug on their mikes.
What she said.

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