Weekend recap – part vii.

Michele at A Small Victory posted her opinion of Bruce Springsteen:
I used to enjoy Bruce's music somewhat. Now, besides the fact that I think Bruce is an opportunistic phony, I cannot hear his voice without wanting to hurl my entire day's intake of food into the toilet bowl.

We all have those things that remind us of exes. Ugly sweaters, torn letters, raggy stuffed animals...I have the memory of a singer who looks like he is eternally constipated and sings like the shit is on its way out the hole.
Yeah, now tell us how you really feel. She also posted her thoughts about the meat shields:
See, the shields just want to make a statement. They don't want to actually put themselves in harm's way. They don't really mean it when they say they would die for their cause. They are, like the celebrities in their "No War" t-shirts, putting on a grand show for everyone.
Michele's a no-shit kinda chick.

In a related item, Solonor has gathered together all the "What's to like about America" posts from Michele's blog. This is the Kentucky entry.

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