Weekend recap – part vi.

Andrea Harris is right. When Kid Rock is the voice of reason, things have gotten extremely weird. She also links to Drudge's report of Sheryl Crow's complaint that the Grammy people called her and told her not to be a whiny bitch on Sunday (which call they denied making.) She didn't wear the "war is not the answer" shirt this time. She did have "no war" on her guitar strap, but her hair obscured the "no" part, so that it looked like she was paying tribute to one of my favorite old 70s bands (you can see the picture on Drudge.) All my friends know the low rider.

Also via Andrea, Aaron the Liberal Slayer has compiled a Celebrity Quisling Report (with links and everything), for those of you trying desperately to keep track of those who have come out in support of genocidal thugocracies. I'm just trying to keep track of who's said the stupidest things; so far it's a toss-up between Sheryl Crow and George Clooney.

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