Weekend recap - part ii.

Blogger Bash IV (Juan Gato's report here) took place in Kirkwood, MO; Tim Blair has posted his resulting interview with Juan Gato, Devil with the Ladiestm:
TB: Nature is the enemy. As a person whose background is slightly short of Kennedyesque wealth, how come you're not a raving lefty? Shouldn't you be ranting against The Man?

JG: As a white American male age 18 to 39 who makes the lifechanging and resource-wasting decision to bathe on a semi-daily basis (I like my endangered seabirds oily, not my skin), I have been fully co-opted into The Man.

We, The Man, are legion.

There is no escaping. I tried very, very hard to be a screaming lefty. I had the full sense that the world should do its best to deserve me by providing me a living and honor my exceptional talents as well as breeding me with the finest stock. But I got lost along the way and decided I should actually earn all that.

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