Weekend recap - part iv.

Russell Wardlow posted a fine rant about the inherent stupidity of the meat shields volunteering to defend Hussein's right to be a genocidal dictator:
The beneficiaries of any aid they could possibly give goes entirely in one direct line to Saddam and his cronies. There is a marked difference between dissenting from your country's path, from disagreeing with its policies and actions, even from refusing to participate in them on the one hand and wholeheartedly giving your life and effort to help the enemy. The fact that these "human shields" aren't actually taking up arms to shoot at American troops is just a result of their own intellectual inconsistency that is unable to make the most basic distinctions between right and wrong. The fact that they're not personally standing in the poorly-lit torture chamber while a man whose only crime was political dissent has his fingernails torn out is just an accident of faulty, incomplete reasoning.
Russell's still too polite to call them pro-Saddam, though.

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