Like I don't have enough reason to despise the French.

Jkrank at Sofia Sideshow piles another one on: someone has desecrated a cemetary for the British war dead near Boulogne, spraypainting "Rosbeefs go home" on the big cenotaph in the center, as well as the standard suggestions that Bush and Blair are Nazi war criminals, death to the Yankees, blah blah f'n blah. These are all that remains of the valiant men who died defending their forbears, and they actually spray-painted, "Dig up your garbage, it's fouling our soil".

Intellectually, I realize not all the French think this way, and some remember and are actually grateful to the Anglosphere for giving them their country back. Emotionally, however, this just adds weight to the low opinion I have of the entire country. It's hard to remember the debt we owe Lafayette when every French son of a bitch after him is such a low-rent bastard.

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