I resent sharing a name with this idiot.

John Kerry calls for US "regime change" and promises to usher in a "golden age of American diplomacy".
Kerry said that he had spoken with foreign diplomats and several world leaders as recently as Monday while fund-raising in New York and that they told him they felt betrayed when Bush resorted to war in Iraq before they believed diplomacy had run its course.

He said the leaders, whom he did not identify, believed that Bush wanted to ''end-run around the UN.''

''I don't think they're going to trust this president, no matter what,'' Kerry said. ''I believe it deeply, that it will take a new president of the United States, declaring a new day for our relationship with the world, to clear the air and turn a new page on American history.''
Is he on crack? We've just turned a new page in American history with Bush taking that "kick me hard" sign off our backs that got slapped on there during the Clinton admin.; the idea that we should make our nation subject to the agendas of foreign governments is neither new nor particularly desirable. And someone should remind him that foreign nationals do not elect American presidents. Not yet, anyway. [Link via Drudge.]

Update: I really should check with Charles Austin before I write anything.

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