And the Marines are escorting Geraldo out of theater.

Evidently for broadcasting details of ongoing military ops. I'd like to see his dumb ass prosecuted for treason, if true. This just highlights the reasons for keeping the press the hell away from the military; in most cases they have absolutely no understanding of what they're seeing, no comprehension of the big picture, and no qualms about compromising the mission. And if Geraldo happens to catch a bullet in the skull on the way out I'm not among the ones who'd weep for him, nor would I recommend looking too closely into the source of that bullet.

UPDATE: Bernadine tells me it's a hoax (see comments). I am now bitterly disappointed.

Update update: Reuters and AFP both say it's true.

Veteran reporter Geraldo Rivera, a correspondent for Fox News, is being removed from Iraq by the U.S. military for reporting Western troop movements in the war, the Pentagon said on Monday.

"He was with a (U.S.) military unit in the field and the commander felt that he had compromised operational information by reporting the position and movements of troops," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told Reuters.

"The commander thought it best to get the reporter out of his battle space and we understand he is being removed from Iraq," Whitman said.
Sounds like the goods. I don't think the Pentagon is inclined to play along with the merry pranksters at CNN and MSNBC. [Links via Drudge.] Curiously, Fox doesn't seem to have noted the incident on their website yet.

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