Ok, call me a bitch.

But this just doesn't fucking move me. Probably because I react really negatively to unsubtle emotional manipulation (E.T. made me want to kick Spielberg's ass, for example.) My problems with this particular anti-war stance, in no particular order (or Things I Hate About the Cult of the Child):

--The idea that children are naturally gifted with insight into world politics. They aren't.
--The idea that a terminal disease multiplies a child's natural insight into world politics by a factor of 10. It doesn't.
--The idea that children can write poetry worth a damn. They can't.
--The idea that all you need is love. That one's been pretty well disproven over time.
--The idea that I'm supposed to feel bad about disagreeing with a terminally ill 12-year old. Fuck you, GMA.

It's not that I don't like children, I do. But I do not go to children for art lessons, music lessons, or political insight. Because those are things that require some discipline to acquire, and children have none.

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