I'm running out of people I can stand to listen to.

Via Andrea Harris, now I find out the Dixie Chicks are just as dumb as Natalie Maines hair-don'ts might have led me to suspect:
"Just so you know," says singer Natalie Maines, "we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." It gets the audience cheering - at a time when country stars are rushing to release pro-war anthems, this is practically punk rock.
Please. All that does is expose them as marching in lockstep with the Hollywood left. They're faux rebels, banjoed Barbiedolls cynically playing to the crowd--note that the quote above does not come from a concert in Nashville or anywhere else in flyover country, where it might have taken some guts to risk having half the crowd walk out the door.

One more thing: Earl wouldn't have done it that way.

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