While I wasn't paying attention this weekend:

The left turned out in droves in support of genocide and oppression. [Via, um, everybody. Russell Wardlow gets the cite because he's in the thick of that Berkeley lunacy and has the stomach to go forth and unflinchingly witness the stupidity. Plus, he's got amusing photo-shopped pictures.]

Blaque Jaques Chirac pissed all over every country in Europe not named Belgium or Germany. [Via the always excellent Juan Gato.] Eastern Europe then told Chirac what he could do with his opinion. [Via Cinderella Bloggerfeller]

Jimmy Carter made an ass of himself. Again. [Via Andrea Harris, who cites Tex at Whacking Day]

The talentless Ani DiFranco made an ass of herself.

Bono was nominated for a Nobel peace prize, thus completing the utter debasement of the award. [Via Charles Austin]

NATO told France to piss up a rope. [Via Charles Austin]

Jkrank reports from Bulgaria: Sallah and Flounder are behind the President. [Eliciting a whoop of approval from me as well as further seething jealousy over Jkrank's job.]

Bill Whittle posted another of those beautifully crafted essays we all wish we could turn out at will.

Steve H. posted a recipe for yeast donuts fried in lard and glazed with Coco Lopez reduced with banana liqueur at Tiny Little Lies. Dear God, he's trying to kill us all.

Kevin Parrott broke his resolution and "viewed" Daredevil and I did not. Was going to drag Angela to see it but it seemed like too cruel a test of our friendship. I'll save it for Bernadine, who made me sit through ALL of Ishtar.

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