Well, this certainly makes me want to book a flight to Paris right away.

Jonah Goldberg shares a charmingly droll fan letter from some wit in France in The Corner (asterisks Jonah's):
No, no, you got it wrong...We don't hate americans, we simply hate morons like you (80% of the american population...) who have never been any further than Paris Arkansas, wear an 'I love Paris' lousy T-shirt and think they can speak of the french people and look cool sh*ting on them. What you think ? You learned a few new words playing Scrabble with your grand'ma a few days ago and can't help wanking off withing your lame chronicle...All you do is show us how many senseless prick can't stop opening their mouth overseas 'F**k the Frogs, f**k the Krauts, we're so damn smart.... !!!!' Go blow your ass in 'Irakistan' if you got nothing smarter to do, you dumbass !
One quibble: the people wearing the "I love Paris" shirts are probably the handful of Americans who haven't been following your country's Rake's Progress and grown to loathe your arrogant, treacherous asses over the past few months. (Not that I'm a Jenny-come-lately on that particular bandwagon. Various friends and acquaintances can attest to my lifelong vigorous dislike for the French.)

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