The most important meal of the day.

From Little Tiny Wit, Steve H.'s other blog (see below), how to cook breakfast -- ham, eggs, red-eye gravy, cream gravy, and sorghum and butter on biscuits made with bacon grease. As for the use of pig fat in cooking:
One of the bizarre beliefs held by many modern Americans is the one that says pork grease makes things taste heavy. Funny thing, the exact opposite is true. VEGETABLE grease makes things taste heavy. And bad. It doesn't blend the food's flavors the way animal fat does. The reason we switched over to vegetable grease (like Crisco) isn't that it tastes better. In fact, it's inferior. We switched over because Crisco is cheap, and it allows greedy companies to save a penny or two on each gross of cookies. Lard and other kinds of pork fat actually make baked goods lighter and fluffier. The flakiest pie crusts are made with lard. So you need pork fat to make good biscuits.

A lot of people eat grease made from canola oil. Apart from sounding foreign and therefore suspicious and wrong, canola oil is an alias, and we all know only bad people have aliases. Not that oil is people, necessarily.

The real name for canola oil is "rape oil," because it's made from something called "rape seed." I guess you plant this stuff in your back yard, and a month later, in the middle of the night, a bunch of piss-drunk Kennedys come clawing at your screen door.

So when you buy Crisco, you're saying rape is a good thing, and I, personally, although not by nature a judgmental person, think that makes you a filthy son of a bitch soon to burn in propane hell. Not to cast aspersions.
He's right, you know.

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