Excuse me, that was my ox you just gored.

Via Drudge: George Clooney takes criticism of Solaris personally:
BERLIN (Reuters) - George Clooney (news) reacted with a stream of invective when a journalist called the American actor's latest film -- the box office flop "Solaris" -- "boring" after it was screened at the Berlin Film Festival.

Clooney, who had even exposed his bare bottom for the camera in one scene in a bid to boost the film's commercial appeal, was happily answering questions at a news conference late on Saturday when a reporter rose to say the film was boring.

"I find you fascinating," Clooney said, responding to the Turkish journalist's remarks on the film, which got decidedly mixed reviews in the United States.

"You crack me up, man. You just wanted to get up and be a rat, you know that? You just wanted to get up and say something rotten. What a jerk! I mean honestly, you know, what a (expletive) thing to say!" said Clooney.

Note to George: "Solaris" was shit. You earned enough money from that piece of crap to take it on the chin; learn to separate the good from the bad and stop whining. For future reference, movies where nothing happens really are boring. Soderburgh is not infallible, and neither are you. Oh, and you owe me $5. (You're lucky, I smelled the carrion on the prevailing breeze and went to the matinee.)

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