Nothing like having your finger on the pulse of the nation.

One would think a film that's grossed $361M domestically in two months would have no problem being picked up for television re-broadcast, particularly a film pitched toward the Easter holiday season like "The Passion of the Christ". One would be wrong, of course.
The movie's graphic scenes of Jesus' crucifixion are said to make broadcasters skittish, particularly in the post-Janet Jackson era, when government officials are closely watching what goes on television.
Not to make untoward comparisons about Janet Jackson being martyred or anything, but are we really going to conflate the scourging and crucifixion of Christ with tit-flashing during a major sporting event?
Besides the film's violent content, a network that airs the film would also inherit controversy about it.
Yes. And we all know no one ever made any money off controversy.

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