More in the continuing theme of undeserved hyperbole...

Michael Lind dissects Peter Singer's anti-Bush diatribe in the New Statesman; after pointing out Singer's lack of intellectual rigor (and internal consistency), Lind closes with this rather curious statement:
Bush, the worst president of my lifetime [emphasis mine, obviously--k], has the power to reduce otherwise intelligent people to sputtering rage. Singer's polemic, which tells us nothing we did not already know about Bush's beliefs, proves that it is a bad idea to sputter in print.
Granting that Lind might have been an infant during the Carter years, in consideration of the nature of the administration that ran dangerously amok during the eight years prior to Bush's ascension, I find the phrase "worst president of my lifetime" an incredible formulation, and I mean that literally. And that's really all I have to say about it; Lind has been classified and filed as a silly jackass. Moving on.

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