Re the histrionics over the museum looting.

Sorry, I can't bring myself to get misty-eyed. Not one single tear, not one tremor to my lower lip over all the priceless antiquities. Sure, it sucks. Looting sucks, generally. But to blame the looting on the US is infantile and frankly weird. The people of Iraq are the ones who sacked their own cultural history, not the Americans and British; let them fucking worry about putting it back in the museums. And if you cry harder over a the loss of a vase or a bauble or a cuneiform text than you do over the degradation and loss of human life, fuck you. And may God have mercy on your shallow soul.

[Link via Michele at A Small Victory. Only she said it more eloquently than I do.]

Update (via the Command Post): US 'will repair' Iraqi heritage. Now can we let this go and find something new to bitch about? Please?

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