Chris Rock being repressed by Dreamworks.

Oddly enough, he's not complaining about having his dissent quashed, though. According to Drudge, the execs at Dreamworks have asked Rock not to indulge in anti-war or anti-Bush rhetoric during the publicity tour for his new movie, "Head of State".
"We are confident Chris knows this is not the appropriate time to make jokes about war and the president," said one top studio source. "We don't want to get Dixie-Chicked [!! -- K], or anything like that, out of the gate. We've invested tens of millions of dollars in the making of the movie and its marketing."
And how has Rock responded to the suggestion to tone it down?
On a recent guest spot on OPRAH, Rock cautiously offered: "Ah, the war, ah, well, maybe if we Americans really knew what a war meant, ah, then maybe we wouldn't be so eager in waging or supporting it."
I wouldn't make book on that, hon. Americans who don't have millions of dollars staked on a movie career are probably a little closer to knowing what war 'means' than you are. [Hat tip to CoffeeMuse, again.]

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