France: not our ally. But you knew that.

This time it's not even just my opinion; behold as Richard Perle delivers the exceptionally harsh smackdown [link via Steven Den Beste at USS Clueless]--
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- France is no longer an ally of the United States and the NATO alliance "must develop a strategy to contain our erstwhile ally or we will not be talking about a NATO alliance" the head of the Pentagon's top advisory board said in Washington Tuesday.

Good Lord. He actually said 'erstwhile'. Like the divorce papers just came through in the mail.
Perle went on to question whether the United States should ever again seek the endorsement of the U.N. Security Council on a major issue of policy, stressing that "Iraq is going to be liberated, by the United States and whoever wants to join us, whether we get the approbation of the U.N. or any other institution."

"It is now reasonable to ask whether the United States should now or on any other occasion subordinate vital national interests to a show of hands by nations who do not share our interests," he added.

Pinch me.

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