Predator remake


And they've cast...Adrian Brody? What's he going to do, cry at the predator and confuse it? Miscasting further compounded with the addition of Topher Grace (the, um...'wiry' lead kid from "That 70's Show"). Not to slam their acting chops, but no amount of Stanislawski is going to give them muscles. Or the ability to shoot a gun with authority. Meanwhile Adam Baldwin is wasted in support of yet another metrosexual on "Chuck" when a movie like this would be cake for him (and more importantly, beefcake for me.)

Only possible bright spots: Danny Trejo and Walter Goggins.

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Letter from a desperate woman

Just as background, I spent 400 rewards points from Coke trying to create a stupid refrigerator pad with a pic of Niece2 and Nephew, only to be thwarted by the site that's supposed to create said item. I've written the Coke people 3 days running with no response; now I'm just amusing myself:

Once again we correspond, Faithful Non-Reader. Your refusal to respond to my overtures regarding the wasting of 400 rewards points (that's 40 cases of potables) is about to drive me to the arms of your rival, Pepsi. Why won't you let me love you? Why won't you even acknowledge what you did? I will not stand silently by while you cheat on me, Coke. I will not remain faithful to this sham of a relationship--no, I must assert myself to salvage the tattered remains of my dignity. When I attempted three days ago to cash in some of my rewards points on a refrigerator pad I assumed in good faith that you would not merely steal my points--probably to spend them on some hussy!--I assumed I would be able to redeem them at the EZPrints site, as advertised. Yet, when I went to the EZPrints site, while they did acknowledge some kind of deal, letting me in with the passcode you gave me like a cheap speakeasy, they refused to let me upload a single photo.
That's right, between you, you have taken my money, refused my attempts to put the matter straight, and you brazenly, blandly expect me to pretend that my order was "fulfilled", as it says on the status page. Well, you may tell your other victims that, but between us, you and I both know I am far from fulfilled. We'll see what Pepsi has to say about it! Adieu, my former love. And if we pass each other in a restaurant, we'll both just look away and pretend we don't know each other. I'll order iced tea.

I might have overstated the dignity thing.

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