Capitol records hates cops and firemen.

That's all I can assume when I read crap like this. I loathe the music industry; people who can't sing, write, or play deciding who gets played and who gets crushed, promoting acts whose chief recommendation is their pliability. It's a disgusting business.


Newt Gingrich is dead to me.

I'm not saying he has to carry Rush Limbaugh's water, but when heard he jumped on the AGW bandwagon with Pelosi, I knew for a fact what I had only suspected before, that he was a second-rate intellect and an ass-kisser. If he's going to throw Limbaugh under the bus, I don't want him anywhere near the levers of power.

Has the entire Vast Rightwing Conspiracy lost its damn mind? This is not the time to parse whether it's politic to want the president to fail, the barbarians are at the gates. Why the hell are we worried about whether the napkins are folded correctly when the people in charge are just going to break up the furniture and shit on the carpet?


Screw this.

I don't normally do ceremonial delinkings, since I regard that as a public tantrum and there's usually no personal animus involved when I do delink someone--but in the case of The Corner at NRO, I'll make an exception. I hope Mark Steyn does himself a favor and eases out the back door; they've capitulated to a man, and I don't believe any of them harbor what might be reasonably considered conservative views at this juncture. Like CNN in Iraq, apparently access is more important than principle. So long, assholes.