New Bond.

I assumed it was all hype, as they said the same ridiculous crap about Brosnan being the "best Bond ever", but Daniel Craig, an absolute ninny in real life, really is the second-best screen Bond ever. (The best is Connery. This is not opinion, this is fact. Comments in favor of Roger Moore over Connery will be treated with derision.) The film runs a bit long, as the section after the main action in the casino feels like a really stretched out denouement ala Return of the King, but it works out ok in the end. I even liked the opening credit sequence and I thought the score was fine. The action was slam-bang without teetering over the edge into the cartoonish. Even Judy Densch was tolerable, although I'd still like to have seen them replace her with an actor more like the original M so the dynamic between her and Bond isn't so...maternal. Since I must complain about something: Eva Green's clothes look like crap, and her jewelry--ugh. In fact, the women's clothes in general could have used a boost. But that's really the worst thing I can say about it.