And now we join the countdown already in progress.

Note the placement of the ROTK countdown button atop the left-hand margin. In lieu of an advent calendar this year, I've decided to see if I can re-read all three Lord of the Rings volumes (technically all one volume, since I finally bought the hardbound single-volume edition a couple of years ago), appendices optional, before the movie opens next Wednesday. I'm also trying not to read any reviews. Yes, I'm sure it kicks a huge amount of ass, and yes, I seethe with an appropriate level of envy at those of you who get to see it before I hit the noon show on Wednesday, and those of you who get to see the trilogy in the theater. You can all bite me. I just don't want to hear any debates about how he deviates from the %#%$# book in this one until I actually see it for myself. Thanks.

LOTR "Race the Boxoffice" progress report: Prologue: Concerning Hobbits begun 0400 EST. Correction: 1600. Judas Priest, if you can't do the math, don't put it in military time.

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