You can expect we have some kind of plan.

NY Post (it was the best of coverage, it was the worst of coverage):
Mike Piazza took about 10 minutes of grounders at first base before 2 p.m. yesterday as part of the Mets' early workout group. Manager Art Howe, wary of his previous comments on the subject, downplayed the event, however.
Inference: he looked like shit.
Piazza wouldn't comment before the game and after the 9-6 victory repeatedly answered three or four questions about it with, "We'll get back to you on that one."
Translation: I looked like shit.
There was tension in the visiting manager's office as reporters asked Howe about the subject, and media relations vice president Jay Horwitz later said Piazza would not speak about it. The decision to take grounders was up to Piazza, Howe said.

"Nothing to make out of it," Howe said. "Just the first day."
Translation: he looks like shit.
Added infield coach Matt Galante, who hit the grounders, "It wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a question of how he looked."
Translation: he looked like shit.
Howe said there was no timetable on the situation and added, "He's a long way from ever getting at first base in a game. I'll let you know when he's getting close to playing in a game there."
Translation: he looked like shit.
Assistant GM Jim Duquette, on the trip instead of Steve Phillips, was slightly more forthcoming.

"You can expect we have some kind of plan," Duquette said. "The first step is we'll see if he can play first base before we put him over there."
And then we'll put him over there anyway. Even though he looks like shit.

For the record, re moving Piazza to first, if Joel Sherman's for it, I'm against it. Period.

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