Obligatory Mets content.

As of Friday, Piazza's out with a nearly-torn groin muscle (cringing as I type that), probably for a couple of months. I delayed bothering to post about it because the season started out so pissy I'm already well beyond wailing and gnashing of teeth. If Piazza can't catch anymore (and I think that's a possibility that deserves some serious consideration), I'd like to see him traded to the AL as a DH, but the injury and his impending 5/10 status makes that a real hard sell. So it looks like we're stuck with an aging, injury-hobbled former superstar and a collection of assorted stiffs. Tom Glavine's probably about ready to call the Braves with a heartfelt mea culpa right about now.

And that's about all I've got to say about that. Sidelining Piazza seems to have relieved whatever pressure the team was feeling and they've been playing looser (at least for the past couple of games.) Time to kick back with a cold one and see how this develops.

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