Predator remake


And they've cast...Adrian Brody? What's he going to do, cry at the predator and confuse it? Miscasting further compounded with the addition of Topher Grace (the, um...'wiry' lead kid from "That 70's Show"). Not to slam their acting chops, but no amount of Stanislawski is going to give them muscles. Or the ability to shoot a gun with authority. Meanwhile Adam Baldwin is wasted in support of yet another metrosexual on "Chuck" when a movie like this would be cake for him (and more importantly, beefcake for me.)

Only possible bright spots: Danny Trejo and Walter Goggins.

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Kerry said...

Finally saw it. It was pretty much what I expected; the parts where you're supposed to be wowed by AB's physique--eh, not so much. He dropped his voice a bit and talked like Batman and that just made me laugh. You cannot turn Mr. Sensitive Icryatcardtricks into a badass. Bill Paxton in his prime could have brought some much needed swagger and comic relief to this.