Screw this.

I don't normally do ceremonial delinkings, since I regard that as a public tantrum and there's usually no personal animus involved when I do delink someone--but in the case of The Corner at NRO, I'll make an exception. I hope Mark Steyn does himself a favor and eases out the back door; they've capitulated to a man, and I don't believe any of them harbor what might be reasonably considered conservative views at this juncture. Like CNN in Iraq, apparently access is more important than principle. So long, assholes.


Laban said...

why ? What have they done ?

Kerry said...

It started with the defense of Kathleen Parker's horsecrap articles shredding Palin; now it's up to the level of "can't we all just get along?" and "we must respect the office". The hell I must. I respect the tradition of the loyal opposition, but for me the emphasis must be on opposition rather than loyal.