White people are evil, yadda yadda.

Indians pissing and moaning about Thanksgiving:
"It really sounds the end of our lives as we knew it." Marshall said. "Indian life was far superior to what it was today without non-natives here. [We had] very few wars very few illnesses, we had plenty of game, plenty of fish…We had it going on. I kind of take the day and reflect [on what would be] had we been hostile toward the pilgrims and not receptive."
Horseshit. "End of our lives as we knew it", for God's sake. First, it's not "we", since you have demonstrably not been alive since 1620. Second, their lives were nasty, brutish, and short, and their culture so backward they couldn't even be bothered to invent the WHEEL. If the US government were to stick you in a park somewhere and let you live the life of your ancestors--WITHOUT recourse to the various conveniences of the white man, naturally, since those works must by their nature be evil--you'd accuse them of attempted genocide for forcing you to live like stone age man. Like the rest of the nativists, you just want some of my tax money as a handout so you can get filthy rich from building a casino.

Victor Davis Hanson also calls bullshit on revisionist Nativism.

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